Letter from the Editor: A Pause for Nellie

Letter from the Editor: A Pause for Nellie | Nellie Magazine

March 2, 2014
Dear Nellie Family,

Today I’m thrilled to share a very big announcement: I’m pregnant! While this is absolutely the most exciting news in my life since I married the love of my life, it also throws quite a wrench into my plans for the year.

When I decided to start Nellie last year, I knew I wanted to start a family, but anticipated it would take quite a long time based on stories from friends and even articles I’d read. So you can imagine my surprise when, on January 2nd (two days before Nellie’s much-anticipated launch), I got a positive pregnancy test.

I was overjoyed! And also thinking, Oh gosh, worst timing ever!! I decided to press on with my original plans for Nellie, and as much as I’ve enjoyed these first two months, I’ve now had enough time to think and have realized that this truly is the worst timing ever for me to be the editor of a brand new online magazine.

So, it’s with a heavy but confident heart that I’ve decided to put Nellie on hold. I know that this is not the year I’ll be able to give my all and create the type of website and community I’d originally intended, and it’s just not my desire to give you something subpar. With that said, thank you for helping Nellie be what it’s become. I hope you’ll continue to follow our amazing team at each of their blogs, which are listed below…

Annapolis & Company | Mary Beth Johnson
Anne The Adventurer | Anne Taylor
Art In The Find | Conni Jespersen
Espresso and Cream | Madison Mayberry Hofmeyer
Lush To Blush | Megan Elliott
One Sparrow Creative | Sarah Sweeney
Pearls Poppies Pinkies Up | Lauren Tien
The Balanced Life | Robin Long
The Lipstick Gospel | Stephanie May
Thoughts By Natalie | Natalie Lynn Borton

To each and every one of you who have helped us grow since the beginning of the year—you’re amazing! It’s bittersweet to have such an early ending to the community we’ve started to build together, but I know it’s for the best.

With so much love,

Natalie Lynn Borton
Editor in Chief

P.S. Want to access previous Nellie content? You can do so right here!

Photo by Coley Christine Catalano